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Good Ideas and Great Tips for Glass

Questions to Ask When Calling to Get Your Car Windshield Repaired or Replaced

Morgane Arnaud

It's never good to drive when your car's windshield needs  glass repair, as a small crack can suddenly turn into a huge break in the glass if you should hit a bump. A compromised windshield also means compromised safety for you and your passengers, as the windshield keeps you from flying out of the car in case of a collision and also supports the roof in case of a rollover accident. When the windshield's strength is compromised, it might be more likely to break in these scenarios. When you do call to arrange for windshield repair for your car, note a few questions to ask and topics to cover so you know the job will be done right.

1. Ask the size of chip or crack that can be repaired 

Never assume that every chip or crack can be repaired; some are so extensive that you need to actually have the windshield replaced. This can apply to one that is too wide and also to a chip that is so deep that it actually opens a hole in the glass. You want to ask about this when you call, as a technician may need to bring a replacement windshield with them in case the chip is beyond a simple repair.

2. Note if any window tinting will affect the repair options 

Maybe you have a very dark tinted windshield. If so, then consider that a windshield repair doesn't always mean a perfectly clear spot where the crack used to be. In some cases the resin used to make the repair will dry but remain just slightly cloudy. If you already have very dark tint on your windshield, this might mean an actual blind spot when you drive. Always tell a repair technician about any window tinting and its shade when calling for repairs, as you may need to have the windshield replaced rather than have an obstructed view when driving.

3. Always ask if they are using a brand name windshield for replacement

Because the windshield is so important for your safety, you want to ensure that a replacement includes a brand name variety, meaning one made by your car manufacturer or one made to the same specifications. A poor-fitting windshield can mean water leaking into your car and drafts around the windshield, as well as an increased possibility that it won't stay in place during a collision or rollover accident.