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Good Ideas and Great Tips for Glass

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Good Ideas and Great Tips for Glass

How to Make a Sliding Glass Door Open More Smoothly

Morgane Arnaud

Have you noticed that you need to use a lot of energy to open your sliding glass door? Follow the steps below in order to make the door open more smoothly.

1. Clean the Track

Over time, dirt and grime accumulate inside the track of your sliding glass door. This causes the door to slow down when you are opening or closing it. You can use an old toothbrush or a wire brush to clean out that accumulated dirt and grime. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dirt that you have dislodged from the sliding door track.

2. Lubricate the Track

Visit a local hardware store or an online store and buy a lubricant for the track of the sliding door. It is advisable for you to buy a silicone-based lubricant, if possible, because such a lubricant will not attract and hold dirt. Make sure that you clean up any lubricant that drips on the floor near the track. Such overspray can cause the floor to be slippery if it is not removed.

3. Adjust the Height of the Sliding Door

Some glass sliding doors are difficult to open because their height was not correctly adjusted as the door was being installed. You should therefore adjust the height of that door in case it is still opening slowly after you have cleaned and lubricated the track.

First, locate the holes containing the adjustable rollers at the bottom of your door. Use a steak knife to remove any plugs that may be concealing those holes. Once the plugs are out, you will see the adjustable rollers. Use a screwdriver to turn the roller screw clockwise or anticlockwise. Try to open the door after lowering it by a few millimeters. You can also raise it by a few millimeters and test whether it is now opening more smoothly. Keep raising or lowering the height of the door until you are comfortable with the ease with which it can now open.

4. Lubricate the Adjustment Screw

You can also spray some of the lubricant into the opening of the adjustment screw. That lubricant will help the door rollers to operate more smoothly.

As you can see, it may not always be necessary to call an emergency glass repair professional each time your sliding glass door becomes difficult to open. Only call that expert if the steps above do not yield a desirable outcome.