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Good Ideas and Great Tips for Glass

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Good Ideas and Great Tips for Glass

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Mirror

Morgane Arnaud

Mirrors are a useful and decorative feature in any property. The number of mirror designs can be overwhelming. There are different lengths, frames and finishes available. Here is a complete guide to help you choose the right mirror for your property.

Mirror placement

Alongside using mirrors to look into, mirrors can also be strategically placed to make a room seem larger than it is. This can be done by adding a mirror to a hallway, for example. Mirrors can also be used to enhance lighting in a room as they pick up light and project it into the room.

Floor mirrors: Floor mirrors are generally found in bedrooms and hallways. They provide a whole-body view. They can come with or without a stand.

Wall mirrors: Wall mirrors vary in size. They can be small for a view of your face or they can be full-length. Wall mirrors are typically used in bathrooms and above fireplaces.

Dressing table mirrors: Dressing table mirrors are small standing mirrors that can be placed on dressing tables. They are often used during the application of makeup. They can also feature a rotational design, where there is a mirror on either side.

Mirror shapes

There are various mirror shapes available. Most floor mirrors are rectangular. Wall mirrors and dressing table mirrors can be square, oval or round. There are also unique designs available for all types of mirror, including wavy lines and pattern features.

Mirror frames

Another varying feature of mirrors is the frame. Gilded frames can feature a metallic effect such as silver, gold or bronze. Gilded frames are also available in different colours. Wooden frames provide a more natural aesthetic. They can be untouched, stained or distressed to create various effects. Mirrored frames offer a more modern look for your property. They consist of glass that is typically bevelled. Mirrored frames are useful for creating greater light in your environment. Mirrors can also be frameless.

Mirror finishes

Mirrors may have a finish used to create a specific look. A patina finish ages the appearance of the mirror. A coloured finish can be used to tint the glass. Coloured finishes can include metallic and bold colours. Designs can also be printed on mirrors such as logos or patterns.

Mirror edges

There are different edge effects that can be used. Mirror edges can be sanded to create a smooth edge. The edge of mirrors can also be positioned to reflect light around the mirror.

To learn more about your options, consider contacting contractors that provide and install mirrors.